Join our community to get access to our events and get in on the conversation on best practice.


The idea behind membership is to create a community of people who are passionate about safety in circus and want to be able to network together to agree the best ways for rigging different solutions and different scenarios all around the world.

Here's how we aim to achieve that:

Cost of membership

We didn't want to make cost of membership a big barrier to entry and decided that since we still need to pay professionals for their work where we can that £5/month would enable us to balance paying people for teaching their skills and also allow us to leverage volunteers to help us create good content. We may evolve this to create other tiers of membership for organisations in future.

Group chat

Our aim is to provide a way to connect the rigging professionals of the world and to encourage discussions on circus rigging, all members will have access to the Circus Rigging Slack app to be able to communicate together using group chat.

Weekly discussion topic

Each week we will discuss a specific topic in group chat to move forward our understanding of what works and what is best practice.

Monthly seminar

Members will get free access on a first come first served basis to our seminars. We will be taking requests from members on  topics and speakers. We may put on additional seminars for non-members where we think it is important to inform the wider community.

Members only content

Many of the articles we create will be written specifically to help enlighten, inform and educate our members. We will still collaborate to create public information to help improve safety in circus, but paying members have demonstrated their interest in their own education and a committment to safety in circus, so we will commit to providing information to meet their needs.

Free Newsletter

We have a newsletter for those wanting to know about upcoming events and activities.

Riggers directory

We aim to create profiles of riggers within our community and link to articles, videos and other content they have created to understand their individual areas of expertise.