If you are a rigging professional then this is a good place to start. We are collecting examples of best practice, education content in the form of videos and articles

Factors of Safety

We are collaborating together on the subject of  factors of safet to be able to publish a guide on the topic. It is currently in draft form in our riggers forum. We will be holding consultations on the topic. Access to join the forum is for paid members which will allow you to connect with a pool of other rigging professionals

Educational content

We are producing educational content in video form available to paid members. We will post details of the content as we release it.

Force Test Research

We have started to collate the data we have on the force tests that have been performed in the UK over the last few years. The aim is compile a database of forces applied to different pieces of circus equipment by different artists using different techniques.

We were aiming to add to this body of knowledge in May of this year during our circus rigging conference. However this ended up being virtual rather than physical. Our next steps are to discuss how we should perform future tests and what data we should capture, then we plan to come up with a tool that others can contribute to as well. We'll discuss this further in October's members meeting

NOTE: Please read the caveats that are on the webpage before going to the results.

IMPORTANT: Please do not share this outside of this group, as the results cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or scientific and may lead to people drawing incorrect conclusions from the data.

The database can be accessed by paid members here