October 5th to 7th online

The following are not yet set in stone however here is what we have so far:

  • Understanding Factors of Safety - Chris Higgs, Ryan Watson & Mark Gibson
  • Stunt Rigging for Circus Shows - Brett Copes
  • Force Testing Data and Conclusions - Mark Gibson
  • Rigging Structures: Truss Engineering - Total Solutions
  • Rigging Structures: Stand-alone rigs - Firetoys
  • Rigging Structures: Specialist Rigs - TBC
  • Safety management for Schools & Training Spaces - TBC
  • Rigging Training: Rigging in the Entertainment Industry - Total Training
  • Rigging Training: IRATA - TBC
  • Rigging Training: What role should digital learning play?
  • Rigging Training Panel: What training do we need?
  • Open Discussion Session - Scottish artists, schools, and venues

More details to come soon!